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Osaka Wafuku-Sakura was established based on our thoughts of wanting to see more kimonos, the symbol of Japanese culture in Osaka. What do you say to wearing a kimono and touring around the streets of Osaka, a globally popular city?

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Multiple Instagrammable Locations

Take beautiful pictures in Dotonbori (famous for the Glico sign and eateries that represent Osaka), Hozenji-Yokocho (famous for Shinsekai and several historical locations), Namba Shrine, and more locations!

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Extremely Affordable

We provide our services at a very reasonable price.

Easily Accessible

Osaka Wafuku-Sakura is located five minutes by foot from the Nankai Namba station.
We decided to locate ourselves in Namba to make it easier to accommodate those staying in lodging facilities in the area.
We are located very close to tourist spots such as Dotonbori and Hozenji-Yokocho so that you can effortlessly tour around the area wearing the kimono.

When you arrive, call "701" at the interphone and tell your name on reservation.
大阪着物浴衣レンタル push 701

Rental Plans

*Course Explanation You will have the opportunity to wear a kimono and tour around Osaka, a city that is popular world-wide for touring. “I want to rent a kimono effortlessly near where we are staying” “I want to take a lot of Instagrammable pictures wearing a kimono in photogenic areas of Osaka” Why not make your experience in Osaka a fun and memorable one? We will give you our original map charted with Instagrammable locations! Don’t forget to upload the pictures on Instagram and Facebook! Please enjoy touring all the photogenic areas of Osaka in a kimono. We also offer options so that you can have your personal photographer for the day!

How it Works How it Works

You can make reservations from the application form.
Please contact us via SNS if you have any questions on application.

  • How it Works step1

    Please make a reservation at the date and time you want to experience on the reservation screen. Here's how to make a reservation.

  • How it Works step2

    Please provide the staff with your name and the number of people in your group.

  • How it Works step3

    You will choose a kimono and a pair of sandals to go with the look.

  • How it Works step4

    Staff members with plenty of experience will help you with the dressing and hair-styling process.

  • How it Works step5

    Enjoy touring around the streets of Osaka.

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    Please return the items by 9 pm. Thank you!